Commit Digest Cheat Sheet Part 1: the DIGEST tag

This post is inspired by an Akademy discussion with a developer who likes the Commit Digest but didn’t know about the DIGEST tag 🙂

The KDE Commit Digest provides weekly review of KDE developers activity. The reviewers of the Digest choose the commits to include based on the developer’s commit message and the commit content itself.

However, the change that is clear to the developer, may not be at all clear to someone with less knowledge of the project internals. There are two basic ways you can tell the Digest reviewers that your commit is important:

  • Use the DIGEST tag in your commit message to mark the commit, normally at the end of your commit message. Use it as additional description of the general effect of your change. This can look like this: “DIGEST: This implements The New Great Function”.
  • Write easy to read message that describes the function of the commit. Example: “With this change The Function Everyone Uses works 50% faster”).

Hint: Do not be afraid to use the DIGEST tag. The reviewers will make the decision and they generally prefer to have too many of those tags (this is a strictly theoretical situation at this moment) than not enough.

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